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We can repair any mechanical issues from castors to mechanisms including gas lifts, arms etc.  Whatever your issues are we can help to resolve them.
This option is environmentally friendly and saves both money and waste.

Commercial Office Chair Repairs

A comfortable working environment improves productivity!

Office chairs are regularly used for long hours, which makes them easier to get damaged/broken, no matter how durable they seemed when you first acquired them. Office comfort is always crucial in terms of employee satisfaction -and productivity, which means damaged office chairs require immediate attention.

A Practical & Affordable Solution For Your Office Chair Repairs

Office chairs with their many mechanical components might look complex, and difficult to deal with once they stop working properly. This might prompt business owners to opt for buying new equipment, which is almost never necessary. With quality office chair repair services, damaged office chairs can be easily restored, and ready to use again, as comfortable and safe as ever!

Our highly experienced technicians can repair any mechanical issues with your office chairs from castors to mechanisms including gas lifts, armrests, spindles etc. In other words, if you need a practical & affordable solution to your damaged equipment, we are here to help!

Top Benefits of Office Chair Repair Services

By choosing repair services instead of buying new equipment, you will have a number of benefits, some of which are:

  •   Saving 60% -and often more- versus the cost of acquiring new furniture,
  •   100% tax relief on repairs,
  •   Extending the lifespan of your initial investment,
  •   An environmentally friendly option – saves waste, reduces carbon footprint,
  •   Increasing employee motivation – shows that you care about their comfort and safety,
  •   Improving productivity-improving office comfort will help you increase productivity in the long run…

Broken office chairs are not only an issue in terms of comfort and aesthetics, but they might present safety issues to you and your employees as well. Our fast-response team is experienced with different office chair brands & models, and will quickly -and efficiently- help you solve the issues with your equipment, and you will have a more comfortable & safer working environment!

Commercial and Domestic Upholstery chair


– James Mitchell

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