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A thrifty solution for better looks, and better hygiene!

Medical Furniture

With skilled work carried out by our team of furniture specialists, your medical furniture will be recovered, and ready to be back in action with a fresh, quality fabric. From our very broad range of fabrics and leathers, pick the one that suits you the most, and watch your furniture get in ideal shape. Here in Sutton’s Upholsterers, we supply and manufacture replacement upholstery sections to customers’ specific requirements, often being able to match colours of vinyl to other existing products in the vicinity if necessary.

But why should you re-upholster your treatment couch, hospital beds, and waiting room chairs? Here are a few reasons…

  • Maintain a Hygienic Work Environment

Lack of hygiene might just be the very last thing you need in a healthcare environment! Rips or tears in upholstery fabrics can easily – and quickly! – result in bacteria breeding and growing, which could infect your patients, and then spread- a risk no one really wants to take. You can easily avoid this by having your couch sections reupholstered.

  • Revamp & Save Money!

Just because your medical furniture has a damaged upholstery section does not necessarily mean you need a brand new one! You can reupholster your furniture instead, and use the money you save to better your business with other investments!

  • An Environmentally Friendly Option

Re-upholstering is always more environmentally friendly when compared to wasting your furniture and buying new. So if furniture has a sound frame and still is as comfortable as it always has been, re-upholstery services are the best option- for you, and the planet!

Just because your medical furniture has a torn upholstery section doesn’t mean you need a new one!


David Evans

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